Do you procrastinate? Tips to overcome.

Raise your hand if you have been known to procrastinate on something important.

Just me?

I didn’t think so!

Procrastination probably has sucked you in at one point or another, like a cesspool of unproductivity that leaves you dizzy and completely drained. It isn’t just that we DO it…it is that we feel so damn guilty. Like it is a character flaw. Like we ARE procrastinators…not that we have chose CHOSEN to procrastinate. Big difference.

Why do you procrastinate?

Are you disorganized? (not likely!)

Do you just have no clue what your priorities are? (doubtful!)

Is it fear? Perfectionism?

In this video I talk about the WHYs and also a few ways we can focus in on our priorities and fight the procrastination beast.

You can download a little guide to setting your daily priorities to make sure the important stuff gets done RIGHT HERE