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Is there really a war on work?

Pet business owners this is a must-watch piece of education no matter what sector of the industry you are in. We are all affected by labor challenges. I had the privilege of attending the Livestream of America’s Labor Crisis at Dave Ramsey’s Event Center in Nashville, TN on May 4th, 2023. It investigated the labor crisis in the United States through the lens of the business owner. The speakers shared on how to address these issues, as well as tips on how employers can take better care of their employees.
1. The War on Work: Exploring America’s Labor Crisis (00:00 – 07:21)
2. The Two Percenters: Finding The Hard and Challenging Boredom Through Life-Hacks (07:21 – 14:59)
3. Developing Grit and Guts: A Guide for Leading Your Pet Business (15:00 – 22:28)
4. Organize Your Team and Business Information with an Online Staff Hub (22:29 – 23:16)

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