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Why are your pet business financials so important?

Anne-Marie Kaden comes to bookkeeping with a unique perspective on the pet industry – she has owned an operated a successful team of pet sitters in North Carolina which she sold in 2022 and now has started two pet businesses in Colorado – Tiny Paws Pet Sitting and Tiny Paws Bookkeeping. In this interview, she identifies the key factors of success in the pet business, such as understanding financial statements, delegating tasks, reserving retained earnings, and working with a professional bookkeeper. We also have a chat about the benefits of the book Profit First for an entrepreneur to gain clarity on their number. This podcast is perfect for entrepreneurs who are looking to start a pet business or who want to make sure they are taking the right steps to find success.
1. A Peek into Anne-Marie Kaden’s Journey to Colorado (00:00 – 05:59)
2. Blazing a Trail in Bookkeeping: The Challenges of Managing a Pet Sitting Business (05:59 – 11:44)
3. Delegating To Take The Pressure Off: The Opportunity Cost of Growing a Business (11:44 – 17:22)
4. Maximizing Your Time and Expertise as a Business Owner (17:23 – 23:26)
5. Understanding the Power of Profit & Loss Statements in the Pet Industry (23:26 – 28:42)
6. The Benefits of Proactive Business Accounting (28:42 – 34:01)
7. The Importance of Building an Accountancy Relationship for Pet Businesses (34:01 – 39:37)
8. How Profit First can change Business Perspective (39:37 – 45:01)
9. Setting Money Aside to Achieve Business Goals – A Guide For Entrepreneurs (45:01 – 50:28)
For more information about Anne-Marie and her services you can check out her website at TINY PAWS BOOKKEEPING
You can also follow her on Instagram for some pet business financial tips!

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