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Pet Business Recruiting isn't for the Faint of Heart

WalkerScout is a recruiting platform developed specifically for the pet care industry, designed to simplify the whole recruitment process. They offer job postings, virtual interviews, verification of work history, summaries and highlights of interviews to assist the pet business owner in their hiring process. This podcast takes a look at the importance of efficient hiring practices, as well as the pros and cons of hiring employees or contractors, recommended industry best practices for recruiting, and tips on how businesses can attract the best applicants including using job boards and referral networks. This podcast stresses the importance of having a good customer review, creating diversity, equity, and inclusion statements, and the benefits of having an optimistic attitude and treating everyone with kindness.
1. Hiring Manager For Pet Care Industries Joe Latona Background (00:00 – 05:16)
2. The Turning Point In Recruitment: Value Your Time as an Owner (05:16 – 10:22)
3. Finding Success in Filling a Market Demand for Pet Services (10:22 – 15:44)
4. The Pros and Cons of Recruiting Employees vs. Contractors (15:45 – 20:55)
5. Hiring for Attitude Not Skill: My Secret to Finding the Best Candidates (20:55 – 25:48)
6. The Ever-Evolving Professional Passion (25:48 – 30:31)
7. Navigating the Labor Challenges in the Pet Care Industry (35:36 – 41:04)
8. Exploring Challenges of Recruiting in Different Markets: Doing the McDonald’s Test (41:04 – 46:17)
9. Finding the Right Employees for Your Pet Business: Tips from an Expert (46:17 – 51:35)
10. Steps to Take When Hiring During Low Labor Market Conditions (51:36 – 56:53)
11. How To Employ a Transition Process (56:54 – 01:01:47)
13. Recruiting for a Diverse and Profitable Team (01:07:04 – 01:11:55)
15. The Transformative Power of Referrals in the Dog Walking Industry (01:11:55 – 01:16:55)
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To schedule a free 1-hour workshop with Hannah at WalkerScout to discuss building a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion statement, please click this link.
To schedule a call to obtain a free business account on WalkerScoutJobs, please click this link.
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