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Learn 8 Tips For Better Communication With Your Team

This podcast provides practical advice to help entrepreneurs effectively manage and lead their pet business teams. I identify 8 specific tips to improve your communication to lead your team better and provide better services for your community.
1. Setting Up Effective Communication Strategies for Your Pet Business Team (00:00 – 07:34)
2. Improve Communication with Your Team: Establishing Expectations and Regular Check-Ins (07:35 – 14:52)
3. Five Ways to Grow Your Pet Business with Effective Communication (14:52 – 22:18)
4. Communicating Your Team Culture and Avoiding Miscommunication (22:18 – 30:00)
5. Celebrating Success and Balancing Autonomy in Communication Tips for Pet Business Owners (30:01 – 37:13)
6. Summary of 8 Tips for Communicating with Your Pet Business Team (37:14 – 38:36)

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