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The robots are coming! Right?


In Episode 101, Janie has invited Robert Strickland with Away & Home Pet Care and Next Level Pet Business to join her to explore the significant impact of AI and automation in various aspects of the pet industry. They begin by highlighting the importance of understanding one’s market and target audience to effectively cater to their needs. They emphasize the role of Google searches in finding services or businesses near them, focusing on factors like reviews, locations, and material quality.

Moving on, they delve into the benefits of using AI-powered tools like GPT-3 for content creation and copywriting. They explain how GPT-3 assists in generating blog ideas, outlines, and engaging content, ultimately helping businesses establish authority in their field.

The conversation then shifts to website copy and its role in attracting clients. They stress the significance of using engaging and compelling language to make the website stand out from competitors and effectively communicate with the target audience.

Automation takes center stage as the speakers discuss its transformative power in business processes. They share how automation streamlines customer interactions, such as responding to inquiries and scheduling, providing swift and efficient service to clients and prospects. By nurturing leads through automation, businesses can maintain regular communication and build strong relationships with customers.

They also touch on the usage of VideoAsk, another automation tool, which enables personalized video responses to customers, adding a human touch and creating a “wow” factor for clients.

Overall, the combined discussion emphasizes the game-changing role of AI and automation in modern business, from content creation to client communication, effectively enhancing efficiency and engagement in the digital landscape.

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