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How do you become a doodle expert?

Corinne Gearhart, also known as The Doodle Pro™, is a professional dog trainer specializing in poodles and doodles who has become internationally recognized for her expertise in the breed. Through her successful podcast, courses offered by the Doodle Pro Academy, and the membership program of the Doodle Pro Society, pet owners learn more about training and caring for their pets. This includes science-based, positive reinforcement training methods, tips to reduce common problems, and advice on socialization, grooming, and allergies. The goal of all these services is to empower pet owners with the education, knowledge, and skills to be responsible and successful breeders of doodles.
Corinne made the decision over the last few years to sell her own Denver-based dog walking and pet sitting business and niche down into her Doodle specialty. She has a lot of input about the challenges that a pet business owner can face and the rewards that can come!
5 Mistakes to Avoid when Niching Down in the Pet Industry:
1. About the Doodle Pro Corinne Gearhart(00:00 – 06:24)
2. From Necessity to Reaping the ‘Doodle Pro’ Benefits: An Expert on Doodles Shares Her Journey (06:24 – 12:16)
3. Navigating the Process of Transitioning from a Pet Walking Business to a Digital Trainer and Educator (12:17 – 18:22)
4. Mastering the Art of Socially Appropriate Dog Behavior with The Doodle Pro Academy (18:22 – 24:07)
5. Breaking Down Doodle Hate and Reducing Frustration Among Doodle Families (24:08 – 30:26)
6. Bridging the Doodle Divide: Using Gentle Training Techniques for Sensitive Animals (30:26 – 36:31)
7. The Key to Training Doodles (36:31 – 42:15)
8. Grooming Frequency Suggestions for Doodle Dogs (42:15 – 48:16)
9. The Cooperative Care of Creating a Healthy Dog: Debunking the Myth of Vaccinations and Early Socialization (48:16 – 54:34)
10. Understanding the Myth of Hypoallergenic Doodle Dogs: What to Look For and the Need for Genetic Testing (54:36 – 01:00:46)
11. Empathy and Expertise: Tips for Pet Professionals Working with Doodle Owners (01:00:46 – 01:06:55)
12. The Blessing of Learning from Mistakes as a Pet Pro (01:06:55 – 01:08:16)
Here are the links I mentioned in the podcast on how you can connect with The Doodle Pro!
The Doodle Pro™ Podcast: or any major podcast streaming service
The Doodle Pro™ Academy courses:
The Doodle Pro™ Society membership:
Doodle Brushing freebie:

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