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Her Juilliard training has gone to the dogs!

Lisa Spector is a Juilliard-trained classical pianist. Since graduating from Juilliard, she’s taught piano at the university level, owned a music school in her community, toured internationally, won 1st prizes in national piano competitions, advanced to finals in international competitions, performed in arenas of 18,000 in China, and recorded music for pet anxiety that gained national and international press with a calming presence in over 1500 shelters. She is passionate about canine sound therapy and has used the tools and research to help her own dogs along with thousands of other dogs that suffer from noise anxieties and phobias.
Data has shown that over 70% of dogs can suffer from anxiety triggered by different noises, and canine sound therapy can be used as a powerful tool for classical conditioning to help reduce anxiety. One of her programs, My Zen Pet, has a Music for Dogs streaming link available along with training and education for pet parents.
Learn how you can use canine sound therapy in your pet business to help client’s dogs who suffer from sound phobias and anxieties.
She also provides tricks and hacks to advanced classical pianists because her motto is HOW DO I MAKE IT EASIER
1. The Juilliard-Educated Pet Calming Maestro (00:00 – 05:35)
2. From Stressed to Zen: a Journey in Pet Calming (05:35 – 11:15)
3. Calming the Nervous System: Using Music for Dog Anxiety and Sound Sensitivity (11:15 – 16:38)
4. Establishing an Auditory-Friendly Environment to Improve Pet Health and Behavior (16:38 – 22:00)
5. Soothing with Lower Frequencies: Playing Piano with One Hand for a Calmer Canine Environment (22:00 – 29:51)
6. Unlocking Health and Behavior Benefits for Pet Parents with My Zen Pet Music System (29:52 – 35:33)
7. Classical Music for Calming the Canine Nervous System (35:34 – 41:04)
8. Membership Opportunities and How to Avoid Making a Mistake in Your Own Membership (41:04 – 46:30)
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