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What is the jump like to 100K-250K in Pet Business Revenue?

Welcome to the Pet Business Revenue Series! There are challenges at every level of pet business growth but no one knows just what to expect at any phase until they get there. Everyone’s business is unique but there are some common themes that appear at each level. The Pet Business Revenue Series is a 5-week series with panels of pet business owners at each level sharing their experiences, wins, and challenges.
This week’s podcast panel focuses on pet businesses in the 100-250K revenue range. This podcast provides insights into the different strategies that business owners in the pet industry can utilize to become successful. It focuses on the areas of networking, boundaries when making investments, staffing, marketing strategies, and using technology.
1. Introducing the Panel of Pet Business Owners with Revenue Between 100K and 250K (00:00 – 06:19)
2. Writing SOPs to Streamline Business Processes (06:19 – 12:49)
3. Creating Procedures for Your Business: Capturing Information and Creating an Ever-Changing SOPs Document (12:49 – 17:44)
4. The Challenges of Common Sense in Business (17:45 – 24:21)
5. Project Focus on Growing Dog Walking Business with Medical Industry Clients (24:21 – 30:26)
6. Biggest Wins and Challenges of Dog Walking Businesses (30:26 – 36:21)
7. The Biggest Wins in Pet Business: Setting Boundaries & Growing Revenue. (36:21 – 42:00)
8. Learning from Mistakes and Taking Control: Tips for Starting a Pet Care Business (42:01 – 47:03)
9. Uncovering the Benefits of Employees and Software for Better Pet Care (47:04 – 52:49)
10. Exit Stragegy: Moving Away from Your Business in Five Years (52:49 – 58:03)
11. Developing a Succession Plan: Setting Up for Semi-Passive Income (58:03 – 01:03:13)
12. Creating a Repeatable Business for Serving the Community (01:03:14 – 01:04:29)

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