Is it Time to Hire? The Preparation Phase

Oh yes here we are with our next topic to break down over the next four weeks…hiring!\

Perfect timing with the recession, right?

Hit the pavement hard to get as much market share as you can NOW.

This first week I am talking about the PREPARATION that goes into hiring.

This is probably the most important phase of all! If you don’t set the process up correctly you will find you have hired some real problems. I mean problems from 12 year olds that steal Disney pins, to crazies you have to show up with the police to get your client keys from, to an employee just flipping out and disappearing on a cat for a week (hypothetically speaking, of course…I would never have had such awful things happen to lil’ ole me)

I am bringing my 24 years of hiring experience to you. The good. The bad. And the “holy s**t don’t do this!”

As always, let me know what your thoughts are and make it a great week!