Masterclass Series

No matter what stage of pet business ownership you are in, you need to always be learning. My new Masterclass Series gives you a nuts-and-bolts class on a particular business subject each month. They will vary from marketing, to financial, to core business principles and tech options.

They will be quick, actionable bites to help you dig in quickly.

This month we are digging into the crazy world of AI in our pet businesses! Join myself and guest presenter Robert Strickland for an overview of how you can use AI in your pet business.

Join us on June 29th at 6pm CST for our AI lesson. Register below. Replays will be available for 48 hours to those that are registered.

FREE Membership

I have developed several training series on some subjects important to our industry. The Key Management has been passed around many times already and this is the updated version that is more comprehensive. You can’t beat the Hiring-Sales Funnel-Management options for a great overview of what you need to consider in your own pet business. The Business Tools is my own tech stack for my pet business and the PetBiz Trio. Strategy Week is an intensive on planning your Best Year Ever. It is the only paid training but you can’t beat it with 5 hours of training and a 60 page workbook for only $27. Have fun!

PetBizMBA Membership

Are you overwhelmed trying to get everything done in your pet business and getting to the next level? If you are a pet business owner who wants to blow away limiting beliefs of what you can do in your business and you want to scale and grow with a team then the PetBizMBA Business Accelerator Membership might be just what you need!