Prioritize reading to grow your business

Did you prioritize reading this week? Surprise yourself with anything?Prioritize reading to grow your business


Find it hard to squeeze in the time? There’s always something super pressing in our lives. The “tyranny of the urgent“ can consume our minutes and leave us at the end of the day wondering where they went.


Does this sound like you?



Time blocking even 30 minutes of reading a day can bring huge rewards.


Here are some ideas to help you prioritize reading:

  • Set your alarm for 30 minutes earlier in the morning. As Benjamin Franklin said “early to bed, and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise” (makes me think about a book I enjoyed – Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod)
  • Put all distractions on do not disturb. Shut down your computer. Turn off your notifications. Make a commitment to yourself that YOU are more important for that brief time block. (Another book? Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport)
  • Give each book it’s moment in the sun. Some don’t start dropping the good stuff on you until a chapter or two in. Give it 30 minutes – or several chapters – before putting it back on the shelf.
  • Of course you can source good books from your local book store or Amazon. Don’t discount checking with your local library. I keep a rotating pile.
  • Anyone here for Amazon’s Audible? SUCH a perfect app for dog walkers and pet sitters! Pop one ear bud in and get your education WHILE walking the pups and WHILE staying aware of your surroundings.

Do a Google search on the best business books. Pick an interesting one by topic. Check out my list of evergreen favorites by category HERE.

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