The Freedom Formula – GROWERS

Chatting this week about the second phase of pet business growth from START to FREEDOM and that is the GROWERS!

Any GROWERS out there? You passionate people are going every day. You are the backbone of your community and they depend on you for their pets needs whether it is dog walking, pet sitting, the best quality food, or their monthly brush-out.

But you are getting TIRED. You know you can’t keep doing ALL. THE. THINGS.

This is HARD!

You need help!

The Benchmarks of the GROWER phase address exactly this. Here are a few of them:

  • You have clarified your ideal client even further and have an evolved marketing plan
  • you have refined your financial strategy
  • You have written policies and procedures
  • You have profitable pricing
  • You have your framework set up to hire employees
  • You have an employee handbook
  • You have HR procedures set up for hiring, onboarding, and monitoring staff

You might see some things in here that need a bit of spit an polish in your business!

Keep watching to hear more about the Freedom Formula each week! As always, I am for a quick chat through THIS FORM. You can also shoot me an email