The Freedom Formula – INNOVATORS

Last week and here were are at The Freedom Formula – INNOVATORS!

This phase is all about taking the final steps to become and industry leader, a “top dog” in your field. You will put all the steps in place to ensure your freedom to CHOOSE what you do each day.

Time to start new s**t!

Here are some of the benchmarks for the INNOVATOR phase:

  • you have an established business budget and have developed a financial strategy and 5 year forecast
  • you are educated on how to evaluate market needs and know how to identify growth opportunities
  • you are strategically adding layers of management to free yourself from daily involvement in the business
  • you are generous in sharing of yourself to improve the industry
  • you have an established exit plan for your business
  • you are focused on building leaders and careers

If that sounds really amazing, it is! If that sounds unreachable, it isn’t!

Get ready for the launch of our new PetBizMBA™ online membership where we will unpack these 4 phases and guide you through from START to FREEDOM!

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What is your NEXT BEST move?